Who we are

We are a Swiss-based boutique consulting and strategic international network for individuals, communities, organisations and countries. We aim to strengthen the rule of law, fight corruption, and challenge impunity by bringing together highly contextualised expertise, ideas and technology.

Our vision

We believe in people’s rights to justice, to knowledge, and to global ethics.

Our mission

is to

  • catalyse people’s quest for change by contributing to impactful knowledge and accountability.
  • advance a global ethical framework for interactions between citizens, communities and institutions.
  • mainstream integrity within the public sphere and the marketplace.

Our impact

Our expertise network has empowered individuals, organisations and countries through knowledge dissemination and the development of new technologies to create transparent societies for all citizens.

Successful contributions include:

Whistleblowing apps/crowd-sourced corruption data collection
Pay No Bribe (PNB) is a groundbreaking initiative allowing citizens to report corruption in real time using mobile phones. This initiative was developed by a multidisciplinary team of Stream House experts and allowed to collect evidence on corruption in five key service sectors: Education, Electrification, Health, Police and Water and Sanitation.

Technical legal advice and investigative training
We have provided technical legal advice and investigative training globally. Our work addressed illicit enrichment, confiscation of illegal assets, human rights issues and development of anti-corruption guidelines to the relevant institution. We developed specialised simulated case trainings for investigators, prosecutors and customs officials in combating the illegal exploitation and trading in conflict minerals.

Knowledge production
We have enhanced knowledge on causes, types and effects of corruption in land governance as well as identifying more effective and sustainable ways to access and process anti-corruption data for civil society organisations and authorities. Bringing together research with simple and effective technological solutions developed jointly with local activists, we helped empower communities and civil society to report and fight corruption and illicit trading.

International anti-corruption investigations
Many institutions have trusted Stream House’s expertise to conduct large scale investigations on international corruption and illicit enrichment in a number of African and South American states. We mentored and supported national prosecution services and improved the sequestration and/or confiscation of assets as well as inter-agency cooperation and access to justice.