At Stream House we understand that no single context is like another.

We have been delivering highly targeted assistance in countries where addressing systemic corruption is critical to enhancing governance and achieving sustainable transformations, as well as better services for citizens.

 Case Consulting

Stream House brings unique expertise to assist countries to develop strategies to conduct financial investigations, including forensic and intelligence analysis, by direct consulting on cases. This could extend to the use of formal and informal channels to track, confiscate and recover stolen assets from overseas. Stream House can help to develop a strong vision and highly coordinated set of capacity strengthening measures covering institutions, legal frameworks and political will. Stream House can also assist companies, financial institutions and others to undertake internal investigations and to create strategies on fraud, bribery and sanctions risks.

 Judicial/Legal Reform

Stream House experts have extensive experience in designing and implementing strategies on judicial and rule of law reform projects. Our experience shows that such reforms, even if in accordance with international standards, often requires operational and policy reform so as to build effective crime prevention, early detection and better enforcement structures. This should be complemented by enhanced preventive mechanisms that will support improved accountability. Integrity and leadership improving inter-agency cooperation, strengthening case management processes and implementing proven strategies for managing effective change.

 Knowledge Products

Effective capacity building within development assistance requires substantive knowledge transfer that can be applied immediately. Institutional partners in countries receiving assistance need practical tools, techniques and methodologies. Highly complex topics are presented often in a short time without follow up means for implementation leaving institutions ill-equipped for change. Stream House has developed ICT and knowledge products to make technical assistance more effective.