Alan Bacarese


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Technical Papers, Articles, Blogs

    • Alan Bacarese and Betrand de Speville (2014) Opinion on the Law of the Bureau on Prevention and Combating of Corruption of Latvia - OSCE (
    • Alan Bacarese, Hoang Manh Chien, Nguyen Tuong Dung and Phan Thi Lan Huong (2013) ‘Criminalizing Illicit Enrichment to Fight Corruption: International Experiences and Lessons Learnt for Vietnam’: Commissioned by the Department for International Development (DFID) of the United Kingdom and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Hanoi, Vietnam.
    • Alan Bacarese and Pedro Gomes Pereira (2010) Technical paper on criminal assets recovery system in Serbia and comparative analysis with other systems in central and western Europe – Council of Europe - Read the whole article (PDF) 
    • Alan Bacarese (2010) Tracing Freezing Confiscating and Repatriating the Proceeds of Corruption – ADB/OECD Asia Pacific Initiative - Read the whole article here 
    • Alan Bacarese (March 12 2013) Vicky Pryce - Is Marital Coercion Outdated?: Huffington Post - Read the whole article here 
    • Alan Bacarese and Chris Gribbin (11/11/2013) Dahabshiil vs Barclays Bank PLC -The Money Service Bureaus Fight Back? Read the whole article here
    • Alan Bacarese and Jake Rowley (09/07/2013) Russia Moves to Strengthen Anti-Corruption Measures by Prohibiting Public Officials Holding Foreign Bank Accounts - Read the whole article here 
    • Alan Bacarese (2011) Banks face myriad difficulties in trying to return corrupt Gaddafi money: Financial Regulatory Forum - Thomson Reuters - Read the whole article here 
    • Alan Bacarese (2013) Riesgos de los abogados en delitos de corrupción: COMPLIANCE - Read the whole article here 

Speaking Engagements

Alan is a regular speaker at domestic and international conferences and events such as Cambridge University (Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime), OECD Anti-Corruption Conferences and numerous of the UN’s Intergovernmental Working Groups on Asset Recovery. Alan is a regular contributor to the European Law Academy (ERA), Trier, Germany, where he has spoken on anti-corruption, fraud and asset recovery programmes and published papers over the last few years.

Dr. Lucy Koechlin

Edited Books and Book Chapters

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Articles, Working Papers and Blogs

  • Koechlin, Lucy (March 2012). Korruption - vom Mittelmeer bis ans Kap? UniNova 119 (März 2012): Afrika. Read the whole article here  
  • U4 Report October 2011:2. Can UNCAC address grand corruption? A political economy analysis of the UN Convention against Corruption and its implementation in three countries (Bangladesh, Indonesia and Kenya). Co-authored with Hechler, Hannes; Fenner Zinkernagel, Gretta; and Morris, Dominic. Read the whole article (PDF)  CMI and U4, Bergen.  Read the whole article here  
  • Zimbabwe and the Kimberley Process: Just how effective are Multistakeholder-Initiatives?” In: EJIL:Talk! Blog of the European Journal of International Law (EJIL), Tuesday, 29 November 2009. Read the whole article here    
  • Koechlin, Lucy (2008). Poverty and Corruption: About Poorer and Richer Ways of Life. Working Paper Series No 5, Basel Institute on Governance.
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  • Koechlin, Lucy (2007). An Evaluation of National Integrity Systems from a Human Rights Perspective. Working Paper, prepared for the Review Meeting on Corruption and Human Rights, Geneva 28-29 July 2007, International Council on Human Rights Policy. Geneva. Read the whole article here   
Hari Mulukutla

Press Articles, Technical Papers & Briefs

Contributing Author: A Practitioner’s Guide to Income and Asset Disclosure Systems & Companion Guide - World Bank Group (2012)

Contributing Author, Tracing Stolen Assets, A Practitioners Guide. International Centre for Asset Recovery, Basel Institute on Governance, 2009

Paper submitted on UNCAC asset recovery compliance by States Parties - Self assessment analysis of laws and compliance data from 93 participating countries in Doha Qatar (2009).

Jack Smith

Press Articles, Technical Papers & Briefs

  • Rebuild Haiti the right way; Don’t let corruption hijack aid, Washington Times, March 26, 2010
  • Applying Asset Recovery Principles to Disrupt Terrorist Financing, Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law, Volume 41, No. 1, June 2009
  • Anti-corruption Foes Intensify Focus on Bank Compliance, ACAMS Today, March 2008
  • The Recovery of Stolen Assets: A Fundamental Principle Of the UNCAC,, February 2007
  • Notes From The Microcredit Summit, WHF News (Women In Housing and Finance), March 1997
  • Effective Use of Outside Counsel, A Case Study of the FHLBB, Legal Management Magazine, Aug.1989
  • Cracking Down on Fraud and Abuse, Federal Home Loan Bank Board Journal, January 1989