Hari Mulukutla is a senior anti-corruption strategy, policy and technology expert.  Hari advises governments and international organizations on approaches to stemming corruption and recovering stolen assets using a combination of networks, technology, policies and coalition building.  Hari enjoys building an international and diverse group of experts at Stream House.
Lucy Koechlin brings particular expertise in the realms of governance and accountability systems, having worked with national and international stakeholders across Africa, Asia and Central Europe. Lucy's current focus is on governance, political transformations, urban politics and natural resources in Africa.
Tom Lasich is a widely respected authority on anti-money laundering, corruption, bribery and asset recovery matters. Tom has developed highly effective AML and financial investigation training programs using case simulations delivered globally in dozens of countries.
Bright is a senior software engineer and mobile telecom API engineer with 12 years of experience designing and developing software for a variety of industry and government sectors.