Corruption Casework Instructor’s Guide

Tom Lasich designed and created a 7-phase train the trainer program for the “Corruption Casework” project for the Nigerian judiciary. The main topics included were anti-money laundering, corruption investigations, mutual legal assistance and trial preparation. Delivered 4 phases of the program in Abuja and Port Harcourt Authored a 100+ page manual for Nigeria titled “Corruption Casework, Instructors Guide”.

Alan Bacarese designed and developed the train the trainers program along with Tom Lasich. Alan negotiated the contract, which paved the way for the work to be undertaken which continued over several engagements. Besides above projects, Alan has been working on 3 UK Bribery cases involving strong jurisdiction links to Nigeria (Abuja) and two involving southern Nigerian states. Since 2013, Alan has worked on a complex extradition case from Senegal with allegations of worldwide money laundering.

Note: The Guide was developed when Alan and Tom were working at the International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) in Basel Switzerland.

Train the Trainers Program


BeneficiaryAnticorruption Agencies & National Judicial Institute
ExpertsTom Lasich, Alan Bacarese