Stephon Grey

Stephon Grey is an International Asset Tracing expert, a Certified Fraud Examiner, and Forensic Auditor with eighteen years experience with expertise in: Asset Tracing, Contractor Audits for Oil and Gas, Corruption Investigations, Forensic Accounting & Auditing, Follow the Money Investigations, Corporate Intelligence, Forensic & Anti-Fraud Training.

As an Asset Tracing expert, he has served as an advisor in the implementation process of asset recovery agencies in the Caribbean and East Africa. With clientele in the Caribbean, Americas, Asia, and Europe, he has also served as a Consultant for five of the world’s leading international investigative and audit firms, carrying out Asset Tracing & Forensic Audit assignments.

Stephon is considered an Oil and Gas Contract and Procurement audit expert. He has executed sixty-four such exercises, in the energy sector, as an Independent Assessor to three major energy conglomerates, with his work resulting in millions of dollars in contract fraud and abuse being identified, recovered and saved. 

He is the founder and Executive Head of the Caribbean Institute of Forensic Accounting and has carried out International Asset Tracing and Recovery Speaking Engagements in the Caribbean, Ecuador, Thailand, Ethiopia, Miami, and Hong Kong.

Currently he serves as the Head of Forensic & Investigatory Services at Baker & Partners, Jersey, UK.


Based in Jersey, Channel Islands