Hari Mulukutla

Hari Mulukutla has managed anti-corruption, stolen asset recovery and information management projects in developing countries and advised organizations such as the World Bank and the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC) since 2009. Prior to that he was a founding member of the International Centre for Asset Recovery in Basel Switzerland, serving as its Chief Information Officer (2006-2009).  In recent years, Hari has been working on solutions for income and asset declarations of public officials, natural resource governance and ‘conflict minerals’ in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), whistleblowing mechanisms and use of open source intelligence and social media in asset tracing and recovery. Hari has designed or delivered tailor-made training and workshops for anti-corruption officials in Nigeria, Indonesia, Thailand, Burundi, DRC, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan. Hari’s early professional career was in private sector business consulting, management and technology.   Hari has contributed to a number of publications on Tracing Stolen Assets, Financial Crime and public sector governance. 


Expertise Anticorruption, Enterprise Technology, Stolen Asset Tracing & Recovery
Based in New York, United States