Implementation of a Reporting Mechanism for Citizens in Sierra Leone

Empowering citizens to fight petty corruption

A multidisciplinary team of Stream House experts supported the development and implementation of the Pay No Bribe (PNB) initiative in Sierra Leone, launched by the Government of Sierra Leone and partially funded by DFID. The PNB platform is a reporting mechanism for citizens to anonymously report incidents of petty corruption and bribery.

A key issue in Sierra Leone is that it is unclear which services should be free. PNB is designed to collect real time and anonymised evidence on bribery and corruption in five key service sectors: Education, Electrification, Health, Police and Water and Sanitation. 

It provides a useful database on petty corruption and bribery trends to support the work of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). Stream House supported the project in work involving technical advisory services, mobile app development, architectural overhaul and better reporting and analytics. 

Initially available on its own website, the Pay No Bribe initiative has now been integrated on the Anti-Corruption Commission of Sierra Leone website as a result of its popularity.

The success of PNB demonstrates that technology can be implemented to support everyday citizens in the fight against corruption.
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