Patrice Poitevin

Patrice Poitevin is a 35 years veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, where he was the subject matter expert on Anti-Corruption and compliance for the RCMP. He retired in October 2017. He has also worked on organized crime and white-collar crime investigations. He is an internationally recognized expert on anti-corruption, ethics and compliance and is sought as a speaker, lecturer and trainer on anti-corruption, ethics, compliance, fraud and money laundering. Mr. Poitevin also has extensive experience in program development and capacity building.

In his previous role as senior investigator and outreach coordinator for the Sensitive and International Investigations unit of National Division, Mr. Poitevin’ s mandate was to connect with Canadian businesses to help them mitigate their risk and exposure to bribery and corruption. Mr. Poitevin worked with private and public organizations to advised them on tools, strategies and good practices to increase their capacity to prevent, detect and manage corruption risk and enhance the role of those organizations in fighting corruption. As part of his mandate, he evaluated the effectiveness and thoroughness of compliance programs of companies under investigation.

His experience, expertise and passion for anti-corruption, ethics and compliance led him to develop and become the co-founder of the Canadian Centre of Excellence for Anti-Corruption (CCEAC). The CCEAC is a university-based entity focussed on sharing best practices and assisting public and private organizations tackle corruption, compliance and ethical issues. The CCEAC encourages information sharing and a multi-sectorial approach to finding solutions and assisting public and private organizations while engaging the next generation of leaders to take an active role in tackling the issues and improving the organizational culture by promoting ethical governance and robust compliance measures.


Based in Ottawa, Canada