Colin Joseph

Colin is a solicitor who has practised in the field of commercial litigation for almost 40 years, specialising in cases with a heavy financial or accounting content.  In 2001, he was instructed on behalf of the Nigerian Government In connection with their efforts to recover moneys corruptly taken under the regime of President Abacha. That process, involving both civil and criminal litigation around the world, has led to the return to Nigeria of over $2 billion of stolen assets. Since that time, Colin’s practice has focused on anti-corruption activities in the following fields:

Asset Recovery – in addition to his work for Nigeria, Colin has represented other governments in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean in relation to their efforts to recover the proceeds of corruption by public officials.

Anti-Money Laundering – Colin has advised extensively on anti-money laundering issues, and was involved in the case of Shah v HSBC, one of the leading authorities on the anti-money laundering provisions of the UK Proceeds of Crime Act.  He has also on the instruction of the Commonwealth Secretariat participated in the drafting of similar legislation for the Government of Kenya, which has since been adopted.

Legislative Drafting – Colin has participated in various projects to assist overseas governments in the drafting of anti-corruption and other related legislation, including (on the instruction of the IMF) civil forfeiture legislation for the Government of Mauritius, and currently (on the instruction of the International Senior Lawyers Project) drafting proposed changes to anti-corruption legislation for the Government of Liberia.


Expertise Asset Recovery, Anti-Money Laundering, Legislative Drafting
Based in London, UK