Paul Stephenson

Paul Stephenson brings a wealth of experience in the fields of public administration, anti-corruption & bribery and whistleblowing. Until 2009 Paul enjoyed a long history of working as an official within the Scottish Executive and the UK’s Ministry of Justice, leading teams on criminal justice policy and law reform. He has worked both within and outside the EU Commission, specialising on EU legal reform issues for many years. He was a UK advisor on the drafting of the UN Convention Against Corruption and formerly an elected member of the GRECO bureau. He is currently the European Consultant for UK’s leading Whistleblowing charity ‘Public Concern at Work’ and has published extensively on whistleblowing issues for the UN, Council of  Europe, Transparency International and others. He is a member of the EU Commission’s Group of Experts on Corruption,  a former member of GRECO and OECD anti corruption bodies and previously served as an EU programme leader on tackling corruption in Romania.


EU Anticorruption, Whistleblowing Systems
Public Concern at Work
Based in
Brussels, Belgium & London, UK