Lucy Koechlin chairs panel at Mining Industry – S.Africa Conference

SA-Mining-LKOn 7th and 8th November 2014 Lucy Koechlin attended a conference on the mining industry in Southern Africa, organised by the Centre for African Studies Basel (CASB), KEESA, Solifonds and the Afrika-Komitee. Speakers included Professor Philip Frankel (Director Agency for Social Reconstruction; formerly at Wits University), Mascha Madörin, Bishop Jo Seoka (President Bench Mark Foundation) and Charles Abrahams (Abrahams&Kiwitz). Lucy chaired the closing panel, in which the systematic exploitation of mine workers as well as the “culture of contempt” within the mining industry was highlighted. The panelists also underlined the problem of endemic political corruption preventing the effective implementation of existing laws and policies which would improve the working conditions, security, benefits and the health of mine workers considerably.