About Stream House

iStock_000000253143SmallStream House AG provides international consulting services on governance and accountability, anti-corruption, asset recovery, anti-money laundering​ (AML) and financial disclosures systems. The Stream House team has long standing experience, having held key positions in government, law enforcement, private sector and academia. We have designed and evaluated a wide range of governance and accountability programs, anti-corruption policies and capacity building initiatives in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Stream House experts have also worked in conflict and post-conflict countries in Africa within the mining sector.

Stream House experts have a deep understanding of the operational risks and implementation methodologies suited for accountability institutions and anti-corruption bodies.  We have worked with private and public sectors, non-state actors and inter-governmental agencies to enhance integrity.

Further, Stream House provides interactive training solutions for conducting financial investigations as well as simulated case training and e-learning geared towards investigation of illicit cross-border capital flight and AML/CFT.

Stream House can help individuals and companies facing legal or regulatory scrutiny for financial compliance and provide tools to safeguard their interests. We can help companies undertake internal investigations to proactively respond and cooperate with enforcement agencies to reduce their eventual liabilities. Given our global expertise network, we continuously develop relationships and nurture international experts with several years of hands-on experience in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Past program sponsors include​ the European Union, United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime, World Bank, GIZ and DFID.

Featured Activities

ClockTowerCase Management Systems 

Stream House has begun assisting an Eastern European country with modernizing their prosecution services - in handling sensitive case data securely using a modern case management tool with built in analysis and investigative tools, enterprise content management and advanced search feature for unstructured data.

Revenue Authority - Integrity System

Stream House experts have recently started on work designing integrity systems including covert intelligence gathering capacity within the Revenue Authority of an East African country. The work involves design, implementation, strategic and tactical planning and hands-on training for management, ethics officials and investigators.

Conference on Mining Industry in Southern Africa

On 7 and 8 November 2014 Lucy Koechlin attended a conference on the mining industry in Southern Africa, organised by the Centre for African Studies Basel (CASB), KEESA, Solifonds and the Afrika-Komitee. Speakers included Professor Philip Frankel (Director Agency for Social Reconstruction; formerly at Wits University), Mascha Madörin, Bishop Jo Seoka (President Bench Mark Foundation) and Charles Abrahams (Abrahams&Kiwitz). Lucy chaired the closing panel, in which the systematic exploitation of mine workers as well as the "culture of contempt" within the mining industry was highlighted. The panelists also underlined the problem of endemic political corruption preventing the effective implementation of existing laws and policies which would improve the working conditions, security, benefits and the health of mine workers considerably.